It is widely accepted that if we look good, we feel good — and when we feel good we succeed. From the moment we walk into a room, we give out non-verbal signals by the way we dress and conduct ourselves. Therefore, if we wish to be thought of as intelligent, credible and personable, it’s crucial that we reflect this image to others through these non-verbal signals.

Research has shown that the “first impression” is formed within minutes of meeting someone, and we make an average of 11 judgments about each other on both conscious and subconscious levels. Statistically, 55% of these judgments are based on appearance, 38% are based on presentation and 7% is based on what we actually say.

Understanding which styles, colors and accessories suit you the best is vital to portraying a confident and successful image. With a wardrobe built around your lifestyle, preferences and budget, your clothing can complement your features, shape, coloring and personality. The result is a flexible wardrobe outfitted for all occasions that can be updated seasonally with minimal effort.